New European Ensemble
New European Ensemble spelar Sofia Gubaidulina

Ingår ej i årets festival

Nathan Milsteinsalen, Kungl. Musikhögskolan, Valhallavägen 105, 115 51 Stockholm
Fri entré men boka biljett

Jacob Kellerman, gitarr

Franz Hallasz, gitarr

Lucas Brar, gitarr

Emlyn Stam, viola

Willem Stam, cello

James Oesi, kontrabas


Konsert med verk av Sofia Gubaidulina, framförda av holländska New European Ensemble.

Ur programmet:

Sofia Gubaidulina - Repentance (2008) för cello, kontrabas och tre gitarrer

Sofia Gubaidulina - Sotto Voce (2010/13) för viola, kontrabas och två gitarrer

Konserten arrangeras i samarbete mellan KDM, Samtida Musik och Svensk Musikvår.




The Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina is one of the prominent musical voices of the past half a century. Her works are well loved worldwide for their introspective spirituality and innate sense of drama and development. The New European Ensemble presents two of her recent chamber works Sotto Voce (2010) and Repentence (2008). The guitar and double bass are among her favourite instruments and are featured prominently in both works. Sotto Voce for viola, bass and two guitars is built out of quasi-improvisatory materials derived from the interval of a minor second that traverses a wide range of textures. Repentence for cello, double bass and three guitars is a kind of cello concerto, with virtuosic and melodic cello writing supported by the rich harmonic chordal material in the guitars.